I Featured in a YouTube Video

https://youtu.be/P_HNJKwp_0s Nagisa! feat. Cameren 🙂 One of my best friends in real life runs a YouTube channel dedicated to Let's Plays. He typically plays various RPGs, but the majority of his content is centered around the Madoka Magica spinoff, Magia Record. For one of his latest videos, I actually feature to showcase Nagisa Momoe in … Continue reading I Featured in a YouTube Video

On Confidence

These days, I've been focusing on cultivating self-confidence. Like many people, I've been affected by the isolation meant to slow the spread of COVID-19. The impact on me has been minor, compared to most - I am able to work from home full-time, so my paychecks haven't taken a cut. Besides boosted grocery bills on … Continue reading On Confidence